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Construction, Demolition and
Material Handling Solutions

For the construction contractor, RAMROD provides equipment solutions for a variety of different jobsite applications. With the robust heavy-duty frame and large carrying capabilities RAMROD track machines operate easily where full size skid steers and excavators are not a practical alternative. The large hydraulic capacity can accommodate popular construction accessories. Profit from little or no workman’s compensation claims as the shovel and the wheelbarrow become tools of the past. Construction contractors speak highly of and value RAMROD’S unique parallel hydraulic system which allows them to fully utilize the machine’s ability to lift, dump, and carry all at the same time. Furthermore, the changeover of attachments is a snap. Built to take punishment, the track system allows for high working under frame clearance and the steel lined bidirectional track design allows for operation in dirt and mud, and where nails, glass, and metal debris are the norm.

Get your daily tasks done faster, easier and increase your overall productivity with a multipurpose RAMROD compact skid loader. RAMROD's compact design means it's able to fit into tight spaces where competitors can't, making it a versatile option and an efficient alternative to manual labour.


Demolition and material handling jobs become more efficient with RAMROD compact loaders, as these tough machines make even the hardest of work look easy. Effectively perform any indoor or outdoor applications with ease with the help of one of the many attachments available, from earth and stone buckets, 4 in 1 buckets, pallet forks, hydraulics hammers and many more, one machine can really do can do it all. 


For rough and tough conditions in demolition and wrecking jobs we offer an extra heavy duty super power custom built demolition 930-4WD model.

This custom-built model includes the standard and extra features listed below:


  • Heavy duty frame

  • 30 HP liquid cooled diesel engine

  • Exhaust purifier to reduce harmful diesel engine emissions - (very useful for indoor operations)

  • Connex bushings on pivot points

  • Hose protector kits

  • Hydraulic oil cooler

  • Twin guards

  • Safe load self-leveling arms

  • Heavy duty twin cylinder industrial grapple with grated bucket

  • 4" foam filled tires for better access in tight narrow conditions

  • Spring back (self-centering) auxiliary control

  • Heavy duty quick attach mount

To best suit your needs, choose from a gasoline, diesel or propane engine model with either tracks or wheels (options and availability vary by model).

Other suggested models - 930 4WD / 1330 / 1350 / WB1630TX / A2450 / A3050

Need recommendations for the best unit for your operation? Let us know your requirements and our team will be in touch with you to suggest the best possible solution.

Check out why RAMROD's impressive list of features and services are benefiting dealers and customers worldwide:


  • More traction power

  • More hydraulic flow (depending on model)

  • More carrying capacity

  • Exclusive self-leveling loader arms

  • 360° visibility

  • Full 85° dump angle (depending on model)

  • Unique track design - easily maneuver in dirt,
    mud, snow, concrete or grass (depending on model)

  • Quick-on quick-off attachments 

RAMROD Attachments
RAMROD Model 1330 - Farm (12).JPG
RAMROD Boring Tool Attachment  (6).JPG
Boring Tool
RAMROD Hydraulic Hammer Attachment - RR
Hydraulic Hammers
grated bucket.jpg
Grated Buckets
RAMROD Paving Stone Mover (5).jpg
Paving Stone Movers
RAMROD Curb Mover Attachment (2).jpg
Curb Movers
RAMROD Rotary Broom Attachment (22).JPG
Rotary Brooms
RAMROD Backhoe Attachment - RR Model 135
RAMROD Cement Bowl Attachment (2).jpg
Cement Mixers
RAMROD Mini Dipper Attachment (12).JPG
Mini Dippers
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