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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have questions or concerns who can I talk to?

​Any question or concerns you may have can usually be quickly resolved by reaching RAMROD directly. We don't utilize any third-party call centers but support you with a full complement of friendly knowledgeable factory, sales, service and parts personnel. We can be reached at:

Phone: 1-800-667-1581 or 306-786-2600


Fax: 306-782-1884

Where is RAMROD Equipment located and does RAMROD Equipment ship worldwide?

​RAMROD Equipment is located on 135 York Road East, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, S3N 3Z4, Canada. We ship our products worldwide directly or through our authorized dealer network. Customers/Dealers may contact the RAMROD shipping department 1-800-667-1581 directly to arrange delivery of RAMROD products. Whether shipments are picked up; delivered by RAMROD trucks; shipped via transport carriers, bus, aircraft, etc., it remains our objective to provide RAMROD dealers/customers with the most prompt and economical delivery service possible.

Do I have Warranty protection?

RAMROD Equipment's carry one of the most comprehensive customer protection plans available in the industry. The confidence in RAMROD products are backed up by written guarantees explicitly stating the warranties provided on various RAMROD products. One year warranties are common, however, certain RAMROD products and parts have warranties extending to two and three years. This confidence backed by the total RAMROD organization makes RAMROD products an attractive investment for today's profit minded customer.

Where can I get warranty service?

Warranty service may be obtained from any of RAMROD authorized Sales and Servicing dealers. If there is not a dealer in your immediate area other arrangements may be made through RAMROD Head Office. Please contact 1-800-667-1581, 306-786-2600 or email:

What type of oil do RAMROD Mini Skid Loaders require in the hydraulic oil tank?

ISO-46 is the oil type used in the RAMROD Factory All RAMROD Equipment requires common petroleum products, which are commercially available through the outlets of major refineries. The following chart show which lubricants to use in various components of the mini Skid Loader.

      Note: For high temperature operation, S.A.E 15W40 or 20W50 can be used. (above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Celsius)​

How to keep up proper Engine Maintenance?

For proper engine maintenance, refer to your Engine Owner’s Manual. This pertains to all applicable maintenance on your engine. Maintenance with respect to fluids and lubricants are included in the “Periodic Maintenance and Service Schedule” in your Manual. To access the engine compartment, remove louvered side panels or back panel as required.

How does the Lift Arm Support Device work?
Your Mini-Skid is equipped with a lift arm support device. This is bolted to the bottom of the leveling arm on the left side of the machine. In order to safely work underneath the lift arms, remove the support device from the leveling arm and remove any attachment from the Mini-Skid. Raise the lift arms to their maximum extension and place the support device onto the lift cylinder of the Mini-Skid. Lock the support in place using the bolt that attached it to the leveling arm. Ensure the machine is shut off before performing any work on the Mini-Skid. After completing work on the Mini-Skid remove the support device from the lift cylinder and replace it on the leveling arm.

How do I steer a RAMROD?

The left-hand drive lever controls the wheels on the left-hand side and the right-hand drive lever controls the wheels on the right-hand side. Engage the drive levers slowly because even a small movement of the levers will cause motion. All lever movements should be smooth and gradual. To drive the Mini- Skid straightforward, move both control levers forward the same amount. To drive the Mini-Skid Straight backward, move control levers back the same amount. The Mini-Skid is steered by moving one lever further forward than the other. To turn left, move the right lever further ahead than the left lever; to turn right, move the left lever further ahead than the right lever. For the Mini-skid to perform a spin-turn, or "Skid Steer", move one lever forward and the other backward the same amount. The Ramrod line up features single-handed steering. For normal operation, the most comfortable hand position is to operate the two steering levers with the palm of the right hand, with the fingers gripping the grip handle. Flexing the fingers will allow forward travel, and simply rotating the palm will allow normal steering. To reverse, slip the palm back to the rear of the grip handle, and use the tips of the fingers to pull the steering levers backwards. This will allow for more precise control of the unit. The left hand should grip the grip handle for operator stability, but can also be used to operate the tilt and dump functions as required.

NOTE: Be sure to slowly move the levers to the center (neutral) position when stopping. The Mini-Skid will stop INSTANTLY if the operator releases the drive levers.

Arm Photo_edited.jpg

How do I hook up attachment to RAMROD?

The "Taskmaster" tool bar design allows changing from one attachment to another quickly and easily, without having to remove pins. Attachments are secured on the unit with two spring-loaded pins. Rotating the handles on the pins one half of a turn moves the pins from the locked to the unlocked position. To unlock attachments, rotate both pins so that their handles are both pointing to the outside of the tool bar. To lock attachments, rotate both pins inwards so that both handles are pointing towards the center of the machine. This will allow the springs to push the pins downwards through the mounting holes in the attachment and secure it to the unit.

Hook up_edited.jpg
Hook up_edited.jpg
Hook up_edited.jpg
Hook up_edited.jpg

​Where can I purchase RAMROD Parts?

RAMROD parts are available at the RAMROD authorized dealers or from RAMROD parts department, call toll free 1-800-667-1581 or email RAMROD strives to meet quick parts turnaround nationwide by utilizing UPS, DHL, and FedEx services direct to the dealer or customers. Often parts are shipped and received in a 24 to 48 hour time frame. RAMROD assists dealers to stock reasonable parts supply of product with seasonal parts booking programs to help prepare for when the products are in season.  

Do all RAMROD attachments fit any base unit?

RAMROD attachments are designed to fit most of the RAMROD equipment available today. 1st generation and 2nd generation equipment may require the Quick Attach Adaptor. RAMROD attachments also fit with the other manufactured models; some cases need a Quick Attach Adaptor. RAMROD Equipment's 1st generation models include M-230,300,750,750A. 2nd generation models include M-550T, 750T, 500, 575T, 800T, 900, 904, 915, 930, 950, 1150, 1330,1350. For models not listed please contact the factory.

Can I get any Financing/Leasing plan for RAMROD Equipment?

For more information on available Financing/Leasing plans please visit our Financing & Leasing page.​

I need some features customized. Can I get a custom made RAMROD Model?

​More than any other power tool on the market today, RAMROD Mini Skid Loaders are the embodiment of versatility and offers limitless solutions to life's chores. Every day we hear stories of how our Mini Skid Loaders are being used in new and innovative ways, from productivity-enhancing highway repair to life-saving military applications to industrial strength "pooper scoopers". If you have requirements like, propane gas use, remote control, electrical power, air cooling system, instrumental panels, special track and tires, color, etc. We also offer customized attachments. We would love to talk with you to develop a CUSTOMIZED package.  Call your RAMROD Sales Department for more details.

Does the bucket need adjustment every time when lifting loads?

No, the operator does not need to adjust the bucket. The unique design of RAMROD Self-Leveling system prevents load "fall back" on operator at full lift height and eliminates the danger of losing a load during the raising and lowering process. RAMROD lift arm mechanism also provides excellent 85 degree dump and 30 degree rollback angles in any position.

Why do RAMROD tracks on mini-skids look different?

RAMROD has exclusive rigid track system on its mini-skids for high performance. The system guarantees equal weight distribution and ensures superior track alignment. RAMROD's high traction mud and dirt tracks get through dirt, mud and snow. The following features ensure reliable, superior quality and performance of the RAMROD Track Models:

                 - Dedicated sprocket drive ensures positive traction in all conditions
                - Unique track tensioners provide great track tension

                 - Sloped front of rubber tracks increase visibility

                 - Rubber tracks with steel reinforcements - longer track life

                 - Large diameter bogie wheels (with shielded roller bearings) prevent debris jams inside tracks

                 - Changing standard to 'Turftred' track (or vice-versa) can be done in under an hour

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