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Custom Solutions

(Remote Control) - Mining, Factory, Basement, Military and many more

RAMROD compact skid loaders are able to work in areas where larger machines cannot go. Using the RAMROD 1350 track machine as a base, these upgraded remote controlled units allow the machine to be controlled within the operator’s line of sight up to a maximum distance of 500 yards. These machines are ideal in conditions where space is very confined, where toxic materials are being handled, or where falling debris may cause operator injury. For numerous industrial applications the machine can also be fitted with special features such as lighting, cameras and attachments, for below the surface and above ground use, inside or outside of buildings.

The Remote-Control units can be fitted with a multitude of attachments (any attachment that fits the standard 1350 model) for various applications. For example, the mining industry requires specialized pieces of equipment. RAMROD has worked with these clients to develop customized attachments for their specific needs. Currently, RAMROD remote control units are being used in mines in Chile, South America, British Columbia, Canada, and throughout the United States.

RAMROD compact skid loaders can also be customized for military or other industrial uses (with or without remote controls).

Suggested models - 1330 / 1350 / 3300 / 1630

*Remote control units are only available in the 1350 model, and cannot be retrofitted to existing 1350 models.*


Need recommendations for the best unit for your operation? Let us know your requirements and our team will be in touch with you to suggest the best possible solution.

Check out why RAMROD's impressive list of features and services are benefiting dealers and customers worldwide:


  • More traction power

  • More Hydraulic flow (depending on model)

  • More carrying capacity

  • Exclusive self-leveling loader arms (all except model 3300)

  • 360° visibility

  • Full 85° dump angle (depending on model)

  • Unique track design - easily maneuver in dirt,
    mud, snow, concrete or grass (depending on model)

  • Quick-on quick-off attachments 

RAMROD Attachments
RAMROD Model 1330 - Farm (12).JPG
RAMROD Rotary Broom Attachment (22).JPG
Rotary Brooms
RAMROD Hydraulic Hammer Attachment - RR
Hydraulic Hammers
RAMROD Pallet Fork Attachment (6).jpg
Pallet Forks
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