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Do you like, or even love, your RAMROD? We want to hear from you! Email: and tell us about it.

Joe from Virginia says:

Purchased the RAMROD Taskmaster 915 with tracks, 42" bucket with tooth bar in March of 2013. Every time I start it up I'm amazed of how heavy duty this machine is. For a homeowner like me, the Taskmaster makes light work of each project I tackle.

Mounting and dismounting attachments with the mini universal mount makes it a breeze. When I need traction, I can always count on the rubber tracks not letting me down. I've learned that with a little bit of practice, cruising across the lawn with tracks won't tear up the lawn or leave track marks.

My favorite feature has to be the Self Leveling Loading Arm - nice safety feature and time saver. This machine is reliable and ready at the turn of the key. Now instead of putting off projects around the property, I am always thinking of reasons to put my 915 to work.

Thanks for the great project!

Joe Thibodeau Sr

Gladys, VA 

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