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Do you like, or even love, your RAMROD? We want to hear from you! Email: and tell us about it.

Justus from Ohio says:

Dear Ramrod,

I use my Ramrod daily to dig dirt, gravel and sand, haul material and drill post and pile holes. I have owned other compact utility loaders in the past but none had the downward pressure that Ramrod supplied when drilling holes. The competition relies on the auger to do the work when downward pressure makes the job easier and faster. I believe I can complete tasks with my Ramrod in 66% less time than it would take had I used a comparable compact utility loader. My Ramrod has paid for itself time and time again. Since using the Ramrod I require fewer employees and therefore have less employee issues (wages, sick days, injuries, insurance etc.). When working in areas with completed landscaping, I don’t have to worry any longer about excessive turf damage due to my machinery, because the Ramrod does not cause the damage that a full sized skid steer would. My Ramrod has been repair free with the exception of regularly scheduled maintenance. Keep up the good work.


Justus Lambos

Signature Decks
Toledo, Ohio

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