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Harry from Canada says:


Do not know if you can ever use this idea in marketing or not, but it seems to be working for us. I only work on Saturdays and we have just used it two days, but so far so good. We first called the guys who made the catalytic converter to see if they would be concerned by back pressure from covering exhaust and they did not see a problem, since our exhaust is larger in diameter than tail pipe and relatively short.

We started with buying rubber garage exhaust hose so we could start the machine indoors. We simply slipped it over the tail pipe – it is 3″ and bigger than exhaust pipe from machine, but could only leave it on a minute or so before it started to melt. However this allowed us to start machine indoors and then pull it outside to warm up. Unfortunately running the machine in the basement, even with windows open, set off Carbon Monoxide detectors very quickly.

We considered a number of options but finally made the flange you can just make out in the pictures. It has a larger inside diameter than exhaust (3 1/2″) so there is air space around the exhaust. The pipe part of the flange we purchased from a local truck parts dealer who sold us the rest of exhaust components that we just bolt onto the flange. The flexible section is metal exhaust pipe. We slip our rubber garage exhaust in the end of the metal pipe and run it out a window.

We stapled a vapor barrier under ceiling joists and taped joints so there is less chance of gas going upstairs. We also use positive pressure ventilation with a fan (one designed for firemen removing smoke in buildings) blowing air into one end of the basement and a window at the other end allowing the air to escape.

We have run this setup two days now, each for about 5 hours. We have not set-off any detectors and my friend and I have had no breathing problems. I am an asthmatic and use a fresh air supplied respirator but my friend is the canary! He does not want to wear a mask but has experienced no problems and feels very comfortable working.It will be a long process because I do not have much time to spend at it, but using the backhoe attachment sure beats digging by hand.The only problem is the noise. The Ramrod is quiet compared to the exhaust fan. Obviously ear muffs are a must and next we are going to play around with throat microphones and two-way radios for communication.

Having the Ramrod almost makes the job fun. I say almost because one of us runs the backhoe and dumps into a wheelbarrow for the other to wheel out. We take turns running the backhoe. I cannot justify a conveyor for the job but it would be nice, or maybe a second Ramrod taking the material outside!



Harry S. Glube
System Solutions
Halifax NS

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