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Do you like, or even love, your RAMROD? We want to hear from you! Email: and tell us about it.

Todd from Canada says:

Ramrod Equipment,

   I’m taking this time to write in and share my opinion and experiences with my 950 Ramrod. After 20 years of serving with the Canadian forces as an electrical and mechanical engineer, specializing in weapons systems I’m confident in my opinion of tough and well built machines. When in the process of purchasing a mini skid my research put Ramrod on top of its competition in many ways, lift capacity, auxiliary hydraulic flow rate and a great selection of machine variations, wheels or tracks, diesel or gas.

   A close look inside the machine impressed me even more. Its driveline and hydraulic systems were not overly sophisticated, but easy to understand and well engineered, meaning that general user maintenance is simplistic, minimal and takes no time, and in the unlikely event something should go wrong, repairs would be easy, even for those with basic mechanical aptitude. I can strip the entire driveline out of it, do a detailed cleaning and inspection, reassemble and set up in just over two hours.

   I offer two services with my Ramrod, post hole drilling for the do it yourself deck and fence builders and urban stump removal. Business is good and my ramrod has never failed me. Working in tight areas the 360 deg visibility is critical; its small size gives me the ability to get through gates and into tight areas. Anybody who has ever drilled holes in the ground knows you need good down pressure and as much lift capacity as possible, this machine offers plenty of both. My ramrod has impressed me time and time again. I have never hit ground that I could not drill a hole in. I recently had a request for 32 inch holes to a depth of 5 feet. I took the job but was worried, the ground was damp clay with tree roots to deal with and to my surprise this mighty little machine did it. This is a job that should have been done by a machine three times its size.

   Urban stump removal has proven to be very lucrative, and my ramrod has given me an edge. Maximum power on a machine that can get into backyards, grind the stumps out and is easy on lawns. My only competitors in my area have full size skid steers; I have successfully cornered a market with my Ramrod.

  Overall I love this machine! It’s tough, reliable and fun to operate.

  All this manufactured by our fellow Canadians…. Well Done!

Best Regards,

Todd Morrison, T MO Drilling and Stump Removal, Ontario Canada

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