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Top Ten Attachments

Mini Skid Loader Auger Attachment

Direct Drive Head with 6,800 lbs./in. torque (peak) up to 105 RPM. Bits in 6", 9" and 12". Ideal for installing fence post, planting tress and more....


Also available are RAMROD Earth Auger and Tree Auger Bits.



Mini Skid Loader Trencher Attachment


Hydraulic drive unit cuts up to 36" deep in 4" or 6" widths. Optional 4" Crumber to clean debris in trench is available. Ideal for irrigation, drainage, bed edges, utility line installation, planting trees, etc. It can work close to buildings, walls, fences and it other structures or tight, hard to reach areas.


Mini Skid Loader Carry-All Leveler Attachment


Level loose dirt, sand, gravel, etc. or transport various items, including paving stones, tools, plants and nursery items, etc.  48" by 24" steel reinforced frame. It simplifies grading, levelling, removing sod, sorting debris, aerating, pulverizing, and can be used forward for aggressive cutting and sod peeling.




RAMROD Pallet Fork Attachment - RR Model
Mini Skid Loader Bucket Attachment


Material bucket with high carbon cutting edge in 31", 36", 42" and 44" widths with tooth bars available.

Heavy Duty Material Bucket with replaceable cutting edge in 42" and 44" widths with tooth bars available.

High Capacity Mulch Bucket for handling snow, mulch, and other light materials. 42" (14.7 cu. ft.) and 54" (18 cu. ft.) sizes are available.


Also available Grated Bucket, High Reach Rollover Bucket, Large Capacity Dumper Bucket, Side Dump Bucket and 4-in-1 Multi-purpose Bucket. See pictures by clicking the link below:


RAMROD Bucket Attachments 




Mini Skid Loader Pallet Fork Attachment


Carry and handle many items - two 41" fork tines adjust to 30" wide. Standard with a safety back guard. Can be used for lifting and moving bales, carrying building supplies, unloading freight, and more....




RAMROD Model 1350 - Heavy Duty Pro Serie
Mini Skid Loader Grapple Attachment


Grapple and Bucket includes two independent hydraulically controlled grapples with base bucket unit.


Grapple with Tines loose material is dropped through grated bucket. Complete with two independent hydraulically controlled grapple tines.



Mini Skid Loader Dozer Blade Attachment


Digging, backfilling, landscaping, moving snow, 48" blade with 30 degree left or right hydraulic angling.



Mini Skid Loader Stump Grinder Attachment


Hydraulically operated stump grinder features 85 degree cutting arc capability and 20" cutting depth capability to remove tree stumps in residential city and park locations. Unit comes complete with safety guards, bolt on cutting teeth and adjustable control arm.  Perfect to access smaller spaces such as backyards and gate openings.




Mini Skid Loader Rotary Broom Attachment


24" diameter and 48" wide sectional Rotary Angle broom. Hydraulically driven with a 30-degree manual angle adjustment. Complete with hydraulic motor, 50% steel and 50% poly bristles, fittings, etc. Our power angle broom is designed for sweeping dirt, snow and other unwanted material. Effective on driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks, warehouse, and more....





Mini Skid Loader Snow Blower Attachment


The 48" Snow Blower works on a two-stage performance. The first stage is the powerful saw tooth auger which breaks through any type of snow with ease. The second stage is the impeller that turns at a high RPM which propels the snow to further distances. The Snow Blower comes equipped with a double layer base, shear bolt protection, along with other frame reinforcements that with help reduce damage if any obstacle is hit.


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