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Indoor and Industrial Solutions

At RAMROD we believe that meeting deadlines and working as efficiently as possible, regardless of the sector, is crucial to every operation. Keeping employees safe and comfortable while also minimizing environmental damage is taken into consideration with every machine and accessory we offer. With our propane engine and exhaust purification system allowing operations to carry out work inside, in dairy barns, poultry barns, or on indoor construction projects, RAMROD ensures the environment is protected without compromising the machine's excellent operational abilities. With the large number of attachments, RAMROD is perfectly suited to perform indoor tasks such as, material handling, demolishing, cleaning drains and debris, or the movement of materials in a confined job site.

Propane engine advantage


Also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane is a well-established fuel. Using propane as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, provides convenience and performance benefits, and also improves public health and the environment.

Propane's high-octane rating, combined with its low-carbon and low oil-contamination characteristics, results in improved engine life compared to conventional gasoline engines. Cold-start problems can often be reduced as well. Propane engines do not require an enriched fuel mixture during cold-weather startups the way other liquid-fueled engines do.

Propane also offers a lower carbon content compared to conventional gasoline and diesel fuel.

Exhaust purification system advantage

During diesel engine operation a number of harmful pollutants are produced in various quantities in the combustion chambers of every diesel engine. These pollutants are harmful for health and cause pollution as well. Our diesel exhaust purification system is specifically designed to improve workplace health and safety in providing the lowest emission levels and is highly useful for indoor operations.


Get your daily tasks done faster, easier and increase your overall productivity with a multipurpose RAMROD compact skid loader. RAMROD's compact design means it's able to fit into tight spaces where competitors can't, making it a versatile option and an efficient alternative to manual labour.

Suggested models - 930 / 1330 / 1350 / WB1630TX / A2450 / A3050

Need recommendations for the best unit for your operation? Let us know your requirements and our team will be in touch with you to suggest the best possible solution.

Check out why RAMROD's impressive list of features and services are benefiting dealers and customers worldwide:


  • More traction power

  • More Hydraulic flow (depending on model)

  • More carrying capacity

  • Exclusive self-leveling loader arms

  • 360° visibility

  • Full 85° dump angle (depending on model)

  • Unique track design - easily maneuver in dirt,
    mud, snow, concrete or grass (depending on model)

  • Quick-on quick-off attachments 

RAMROD Attachments
RAMROD Pallet Fork Attachment (6).jpg
Pallet Forks
RAMROD Model 1330 - Farm (12).JPG
RAMROD Hydraulic Hammer Attachment - RR
Hydraulic Hammers
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