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Snow and Winter Solutions

Winter weather is tough enough. RAMROD compact skid loaders make snow removal easy with a wide range of snow removal attachments. With RAMROD, reliability is built in, so you can count on performance winter after winter. It's a choice you'll be glad you made every time it snows. 


Get your daily tasks done faster, easier and increase your overall productivity with a multipurpose RAMROD compact skid loader. RAMROD's compact design means it's able to fit into tight spaces where competitors can't, making it a versatile option and an efficient alternative to manual labour.

With a wide range of attachments available, including snow blowers, snow blades, snow buckets, earth buckets and 4 in 1 buckets, you will be able to clear snow quickly and efficiently.

Attachments such as salt spreaders (not currently supplied by RAMROD) are also compatible on selected models.

Suggested models - 930 / 1330 / 1350 / 3300 / WB1630TX / A2450 / A3050

Need recommendations for the best unit for your operation? Let us know your requirements and our team will be in touch with you to suggest the best possible solution.

Check out why RAMROD's impressive list of features and services are benefiting dealers and customers worldwide:


  • More traction power

  • More Hydraulic flow (depending on model)

  • More carrying capacity

  • Exclusive self-leveling loader arms (all except model 3300)

  • 360° visibility

  • Full 85° dump angle (depending on model)

  • Unique track design - easily maneuver in dirt,
    mud, snow, concrete or grass (depending on model)

  • Quick-on quick-off attachments 

RAMROD Attachments
RAMROD Snow Blower Attachment (223)_crop
Snow Blowers
RAMROD Dozer Blade Attachment - RR Model
Dozer Blade
RAMROD Model 1330 - Farm (12).JPG
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