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Roofing Solutions

Working on a hot, dusty roof is no one’s idea of fun, but having a RAMROD compact skid loader on the team will get the job done quickly and efficiently, improving the project’s bottom line as it increases your productivity. Whether it’s tearing the old roof off or moving the materials around
to put the new roof down, RAMROD offers contractors light-weight versions of our operator grade machines in either a dual flat-resistant tire configuration or a wide track option to further disperse the reduced weight of the machine over a larger surface. 


Get your daily tasks done faster, easier and increase your overall productivity with a multipurpose RAMROD compact skid loader. RAMROD's compact design means it's able to fit into tight spaces where competitors can't, making it a versatile option and an efficient alternative to manual labour.

Suggested models - R550 G8 Wheel roofer / 930 can also be customized for specific requirements

Check out the RAMROD model R550 G8 wheel roofer's impressive list of features and services are benefiting dealers and customers worldwide:

  • More traction power

  • Tipping capacity - 500 lbs.

  • Carrying capacity - 825 lbs.

  • The exclusive self-leveling loader arms prevent the load from falling back
    onto the operator at full height, while also 
    eliminating the danger of losing
    a load during the lifting and lowering process.

  • 360° visibility

  • A rollback angle of 20° lets the operator easily load and transport materials,
    while the full 85° dump angle ensures the bucket empties completely without
    materials sticking to the bucket

  • Dual 18" x 8" wide turf tires provide extra stability, while effectively 
    distributing the weight

  • Safe and easy on/off slip resistant platform with side and rear protection

  • Can be used on a multitude of common roof decks including, concrete, steel,
    wood, light-weight concrete, and precast concrete.

  • Can be used to move materials around on the roof area

  • Can be used to feed a conveyor belt

  • Highly maneuverable and turns on a dime

  • Quick-on quick-off attachments 

RAMROD Attachments
RAMROD Model 905 - Roofing Unit.JPG
42" Spade Buckets
Large Capacity Buckets
HD Grapple- feb05 002.jpg
RAMROD Dozer Blade Attachment - RR Model
Dozer Blades
RAMROD Hydraulic Hammer Attachment - RR
Hydraulic Hammers
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